Foxfire & Ditchwater

Made by hand in Kentucky

Handmade and custom guitars, accessories, gifts, and art inspired by the granny witches of Appalachia.

We are located in Boyd County, Kentucky just outside of Ashland. You can find us at events like the AKY Makers Market and a few others through the season.

We're still working on the site here, but be sure to follow us on social media, check out our shop, and check back as we're able to add more functionality.


Schedule an appointment for our guitar or art services. From free consultations on guitar builds to discussing a commissioned art piece, we love sitting down to take the time to ensure you are happy with the final product. 

What We Do


From our affordable Build-A-Beast series to completely hand-made custom builds, we love working with players to create the guitar of their dreams.

Offering a line of hand-wound pickups, full guitar customizations and refinishes, guitar repair and maintenance, and educational opportunities, we have something for any guitar player looking to find their unique sound.


Our art is combination of work created by folk artists and classically trained artists with some collaboration pieces in between. We offer paintings, digital art prints, linocut art prints, pyrography, logo design,  and much more.  


We offer a variety of gifts inspired by the lore and craft of our region and the land around it.

We have created some simple protection charms, beautiful communication boards, and other metaphysical tools to compliment any altar or workspace.

Check out the Forest Pharmacia section in our shop for a range of natural products for people, pets, and things.


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