Our team

Ricky Reeves

Owner, Luthier, Lead Artist, Apothecary

A native of Boyd County, Ricky has 25+ years of experience working on musical instruments. After many troubled years working in various industries, he found his peace in music and the land around him. Inspired by the campfire stories of his youth, he started Foxfire & Ditchwater in a spare bedroom, with the goal of building beautiful, playable, and affordable instruments to help inspire players to "Be Loud!"

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Jessica George

Art Studio Director, Fabricator, Artist, Consultant

Jessica was born and raised in Boyd County. She is currently beginning her 7th year as the Art teacher at Raceland-Worthington High School with 12 years education experiencing ranging from kindergarten to college overall. With a background in a diverse array of artistic disciplines, she has a part in almost every art piece that leaves our shop (most of the guitars too!). Nothing makes her happier than when her art makes someone smile. She is available for consultation in artistic endeavors as well as commission for custom pieces in a variety of media.

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Hanna Reeves

Executive Assistant, Contributing Artist

Hanna is entering her final year of High School and has fantastic artistic talent. Starting with us as a jewelry maker, she has since graduated to other projects (she's currently showing us her mastery of pyrography) interpreting and creating original works in multiple mediums.

Sammi Wilson

Executive Assistant, Contributing Artist

Entering her senior year of High School, Sammi is another of our young entrepreneurs who started out making rings for us. Currently she hasn't picked an area of focus, but is at every show and on call for any job or need that arises. 


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